25 February 2004

Bush turns fire on Democrats

The president said that the Democrats would raise taxes, expand government and fail to lead decisively on national security.

Mr Bush, facing presidential elections in November, had held back despite constant attacks from candidates chasing the Democratic nomination to run against him.

However, he last night levelled his sharpest criticism yet at his rivals. His recalling of the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington signalled his willingness to use them for political gain - something aides have long promised that he would not do.

Lowering taxes apparently means reducing the federal income tax, leaving the federal payroll tax alone and forcing the states to raise all taxes. Shrinking the government apparently means the largest deficits and debts in human history. Leading decisively apparently means jumping onto your plane and flying into the distance on 911.

And not making use of 911 apparently means using 911 in the very first campaign speech.

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