2 February 2004

Bush To Form Iraq Intel Probe

President Bush has decided to sign an executive order creating an investigation of intelligence failures in Iraq, a senior White House official says.

The probe comes after two congressional investigations and a CIA internal probe concluded there was no White House pressure to produce pro-war intelligence.

White House sources tell CBS News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts the commission will have full access to materials they need. The commission will be set up quickly, but is not expected to complete work until next year - after the election.

This is wonderful. Not only are we told we must wait for the Iraq Survey Group before questioning the WMD allegations, now we can be told that we must wait for the White House inquiry before questioning Iraq Survey Group report. Perhaps a further inquiry into the inquiry into the ISG could stretch the process out until after the 2008 presidential election. And no embarrassing facts before Bush has to face the people.

I'm not yet sure if the Man of Steel has despatched our ambassador to demand an apology from George Bush.

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