14 February 2004

Barbie's valentine for blond Aussie Blaine

'Like other celebrity couples, their Hollywood romance has come to an end,' Mattel marketing vice-president Russell Arons said.

Adding insult to injury for Ken, Barbie has a new fella, Blaine. He's a fair dinkum blond Australian boogie boarder, dark roots and all.

And she now boasts a deeper tan, boardies, a bikini top and a carefree attitude to match.

But Anne Hollonds, chief executive of Relationships Australia, fears for their future.

Evidently Barbie has been spending too much time with the Man of Steel. On the other hand 'barbie' is used in Brazil to mean a gay man who looks like, well, a Ken doll. And hopefully this obscure lexical reference will save me from the kind of shameless flipflopping that's recently hit The Road to Blainedom. And I'll get the hits anyway...

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