11 December 2003

The Second Battle of Agincourt

A British businessman intends leading 5,000 archers to a second battle of Agincourt in an attempt to defeat plans for a windfarm at the historic site in France.

Amateur historian Don Baggs, 59, of Monmouth, south Wales, sent out a call to arms after friends in the village, in northern France, asked for his help.

Plans to build four 459ft wind turbines near the site of Henry V%u2019s victory over the French, in 1415, have united villagers in opposition.

Now Mr Baggs is planning his own expeditionary force in a modern-day show of strength aimed at demonstrating the international opposition to the plan.

He claims the village of Agincourt, spelled Azincourt in French, should be saved for future generations and made a world heritage site.

This guy should be careful or the White House will list him as a member of the CoW.

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