6 November 2003

Hanson freed after winning appeal

One Nation co-founders Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge were set free today after a court overturned their convictions for electoral fraud.

Queensland Chief Justice Paul de Jersey told a stunned courtroom the Court of Appeal had acquitted both Ms Hanson and Mr Ettridge.

They had served 11 weeks in jail since a Brisbane District Court jury found them guilty in August.

Ms Hanson and Mr Ettridge embraced soon after their release tonight.

A tearful Ms Hanson called for reform of the justice system and urged retired judges and lawyers to join a campaign to assist those who were wrongly jailed.

'The system let me down like it let a lot of people down,' she said outside the gates of Brisbane Women's Prison.

'I've learnt from this experience and I do think I'm wiser for it.'

This is a first. I was moved by what Pauline Hanson said on here release, especially the clear solidarity with those she described as failed by the system and left behind bars.

The dripping sound you can hear in the background is law ploggers salivating while they read R v Hanson, R v Etteridge.

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