5 October 2003

ADD humor

From the Gay-ADD List:
Can someone tell me how many ADDers it takes to change a lightbulb?

I gave it some thought and it actually takes 7 ADDers to screw in a lightbulb, all roommates:

#1 notices the room's dark, and leaves the house intending to buy lightbulbs. He forgets his errand and buys a CD instead.

#2 finds a lightbulb in the toaster but forgets to screw it in because the phone rings.

#3 notices the room's dark and goes out to buy lightbulbs, but when he gets to the store he finds that his bank account is overdrawn and he's broke.

#4 is writing a play and can't be interrupted by darkness- he goes to the corner cafe with his notepad.

#5 is fascinated by the interplay of moonlight and shadow and prefers the room dark. He sits in the corner and makes shadow puppets.

#6 decides to get lightbulbs once and for all, but he trips on a pile of junk on his way out of their apartment and is knocked unconscious.

#7 finds the lightbulb dropped by #2, and he goes to the closet for a ladder. In the closet he finds an old jacket he forgot he had, and decides to call his ex-boyfriend. He gets #2 off the phone. #2 notices the ladder and lightbulb, remembers what he was doing before and carries it into the living room.

#1 has put his CD on. #2 can't concentrate with music playing, and #1 and #2 start arguing in the dark. #7's ex isn't home, so #7 logs onto the internet and starts posting on gay-add. #3 returns home, finds #6 unconscious, and drags him in. Both trip over #5 in the dark. #7 comes rushing in to see what the noise was, trips over #5 and beans his head. All six of them argue for the next hour while #1's CD plays. Then #4 returns home, he's written his play and wants to read it to all of them. Sure! They respond, but we should have light. They set up the ladder, screw in the lighbulb, turn the light on and wait for the play to begin... but...

#4 has left his notepad at the cafe.

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