27 August 2003

Blog Left: Critical Interventions Warblog | Claims about WMD 'may have been excuse rather than reason for war' :
Here's a British intelligence chief scathingly attacking Blair misuse of intelligence and correctly stating that Bush and Blair were looking for excuses for a war they'd already chosen to carry out, rather than offering reasons for war. He also notes that the war itself in effect began in Fall 2002:
In his note to the committee, written on 2 July, Sir John suggests that the change in the no-fly zone operations from defensive to offensive tactics last autumn was because the US and UK had already decided to 'prepare the battlefield' by removing threats such as Iraq's Silkworm missiles. 'It points to a question that needs to be posed,' he wrote. 'When was the decision taken to go to war? If this thesis bears examination, then the nation was committed to war in the late summer, early autumn of 2002.

Okay, let's all check the dates that the Man of Steel suddenly invented predeployment but promised (cross his heart and spit to die) that predeployment did not mean that we'd decided to join the war.

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