12 July 2003

Whoops 4
The Independent claims that the September dossier was plagiarised from the net as well. They do not publish text-by-text comparisons so it is impossible to test their claim. The Independent has to publish their sources. this is 2003 and press reports should be taken at face value about as much as intelligence reports should.

One claim that can be tested is the Blair claim of separate evidence on Niger. If he had it he could pass it to Bush and save his ally's bacon. Not only has it not gone to Bush, it has not gone to Oz or the IAEA either.

BTW, the defence intelligence agency has now joined the office of national assessments and the department of foreign affairs in claiming they omitted to make the prime minister aware of any doubts about the Niger claim. (Audio link only at this stage) I hope they charge intellectual property fees to George Tenet who seems to have borrowed the technique.

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