14 July 2003

Gone to the blogs

From MaxSpeak
"A senior administration official said Bush's chief speechwriter, Michael J. Gerson, does not remember who wrote the line that has wound up causing the White House so much grief."

Not credible. A speechwriter doesn't forget unless he is told to "forget". A speechwriter KEEPS RECORDS OF DRAFTS AND CHANGES TO DRAFTS. It's called cover your ass. Presumably Mr. Gerson's memory lapse also entails considerable shredding of paper and physical destruction of hard drives. There will be no "eighteen and a half minutes of erased tape" this time.

A speechwriter forgetting a phrase like that? I lived through Watergate even if I was on the other side of the planet. I knew about Richard Nixon. Richard Nixon was my antihero. Mr President you are no Richard Nixon. He had a brain.

Link courtesy of Brad de Long

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