26 July 2003

Biased? Pig's bum, says Triple J comic
The ABC isn't biased: Richard Alston's just saying that 'cause he's a right-wing pig rooter.

The speaker, breakfast announcer Wil Anderson on the ABC youth network, is talking here about Senator Richard Alston, the federal communications minister. Altson has been alleging bias in ABC war coverage.

Anderson said it would have been "petty" of him to attack Senator Alston personally.

"It's not a joke about Richard Alston, it's a joke about the left-wing cardigan wearing complainers at the ABC," he said.

Anderson said he was sure Senator Alston had "better things to do" than worry about the joke. A spokesman for the minister refused to comment.

Hmmmmm... Maybe it just proves we're free of the excessive deference some nations offer their political leaders.

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